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Multi-channel beamforming ASICs

The VAS7308 multi-channel beamforming family was developed to meet the demands of phased array with beamforming technology in radar, 5G wireless communication, and satellite domains, our chips offer unparalleled versatility. VAS7308 family covers a broad frequency spectrum from 800 MHz to 18 GHz, ensuring seamless integration across various industries.


The VAS7308 multi-channel beamforming ASIC family is designed for analogue and/or hybrid active electronically scanned arrays applications, seamlessly blending digital and analog functionalities for optimal performance. From ASIC inception to system deployment, VASBEAM provides a comprehensive solution encompassing data converters, frequency conversion, analog beamforming ICs, and front-end modules. This holistic approach not only optimizes functionality but also minimizes the cost of ownership for our clients, setting a new standard in connectivity solutions. Explore our IC line and witness how VASBEAM contributes to the future of connectivity technology.

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Understanding the complexity for integration and calibration of AESA systems, the company offers an extensive software and technical support team to facilitate the system integration at the customer’s premisses.

Part Number Frequency of operation TX channels TX channels
VAS7308L 0.5 to 3.2 GHz 4 4
VAS7308C 3 to 6.2 GHz 4 4
VAS7308X 8 - 10.5 GHz 4 4
VAS7308K 10.7 - 15 GHz 4 4
VAS7308KU 14.5 to 17.5 GHz 4 4