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AESA Sub-system

Electronically steering antenna arrays

Active electronically scanned antenna arrays (AESA) utilize two or more antenna elements to shape the radiation pattern. By precisely controlling the phase and amplitude of the signal, antenna arrays can steer the beam of radio waves to different directions and reduce the sidelobes. AESA technology offers numerous advantages over mechanical steering including rapid beam steering, increased reliability, and multi-functional operation, making it indispensable in modern communications, radar, and satellite systems.


At VASBEAM, we offer AESA sub-system based on proprietary custom beamforming ASICs. Our tailor-madeAESA solutions cater to a wide range of applications, from defence and aerospace to telecommunications and beyond, leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the performance and reliability demanded from our customers.

Key Features:



Configurations of antenna arrays:

Flat-panel designs that are highly suited for scalable, high-density antenna systems. Each tile in the array is a self-contained unit, integrating multiple antenna elements with their associated electronics, including phase shifters, amplifiers, and beamforming ICs.

Designed for applications requiring higher power and performance. These arrays consist of vertically stacked modules, each containing multiple antenna elements and the necessary beamforming electronics.