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Role Overview:

As the Lead DSP for Radar Systems, you will spearhead our team’s efforts in algorithm research and implementation, focusing on radar systems with a specialized emphasis on antenna beamforming algorithms. Your pivotal role will involve driving innovation in beamforming solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to optimize radar performance. Leading the development of algorithms, conducting meticulous experiments, and analyzing data will be central to providing invaluable insights that support our engineering and development objectives.

Required Skills:

  • Proficiency in leading and managing radar development activities, encompassing FFT, SAR, Classification, Tracking, and Acquisition.
  • Ability to develop radar signal processing algorithms and contribute to the development of system models.
  • Experience in designing and simulating DSP algorithms tailored for radar DSP architectures and antenna beamforming configurations.
  • Strong research skills to innovate and develop DSP algorithm specifications, validating system performance metrics via simulations.
  • Capability to collaborate with stakeholders to prototype and validate designs, ensuring optimal power and performance tradeoffs.
  • Excellent communication skills, coupled with the ability to work independently and collaborate effectively within interdisciplinary teams.


  • PhD (preferred) or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering, specializing in signal processing.
  • Over a decade of hands-on experience in modeling and Digital Signal Processing for radar systems applications.
  • Extensive expertise, spanning more than 10 years, in radar DSP algorithms, encompassing FFTs, SAR, and Classification for tracking and acquisition.
  • Preferably, 5+ years of experience in Coherent DSP Algorithms and Architecture design.
  • Proficiency in Matlab, C/C++, or Python programming languages.
  • Understanding of production processes to ensure quality and robustness.
  • Minimum Experience: 10 years in relevant industry roles.

Desired Aptitudes:

  • Proficiency in leading and managing high-performance teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute individually to team success.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to diverse customer bases, coupled with a willingness to travel.
  • Aptitude for quickly learning new technologies and applications.
  • Exceptional writing, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Competence in developing innovative solutions and identifying problems effectively.

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