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Vasbeam's Presentation at iDEX Winners' Event in Hyderabad
Vasbeam’s Presentation at iDEX Winners’ Event in Hyderabad

In January 2024, Vasbeam was honored as one of the winners in the iDEX competition and had the opportunity to present its cutting-edge technology at a special event in Hyderabad. Mr. Dayanand, Program Director of iDEX/DIO, along with the iDEX team, interacted with Vasbeam and other winners, including Trackit Aero, ADTL Official, and Elmot Alternators.


The discussions focused on the ongoing product development in several advanced technological arenas. Vasbeam showcased its innovations in AI/ML integration for radar systems, spoof emitter technology, and inertial storage technology. This event provided a valuable platform for Vasbeam to highlight its advancements and collaborate with industry leaders.


We are excited about the future and our role in pioneering innovative solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey.