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VASBEAM Wins IDEX DISC 7 Sprint Challenges
VASBEAM Wins IDEX DISC 7 Sprint Challenges

We are thrilled to announce that VASBEAM has been recognized as a winner in the IDEX DISC 7 SPRINT (Supporting Pole-vaulting in R&D through iDEX, NIIO and TDAC) program by the Indian Navy. This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in the defence technology sector.


VASBEAM has emerged as a winner in two challenges under the IDEX DISC 7 Sprint program. The challenges include:

  1. Challenge 34: Developing a 30 mm proximity fuze for gun mounts.
  2. Challenge 66: Creating an Airborne high-performance multi-mode Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) radar.


The IDEX DISC 7 Sprint program, aimed at fostering innovation in defence technology, invited solutions from startups and innovators across India. VASBEAM’s success in these challenges highlights our expertise and commitment to advancing defence capabilities through cutting-edge technologies.


Our solutions for these challenges demonstrate our capability to contribute significantly to defence applications, enhancing both accuracy in gun mounts and radar performance in airborne operations. This recognition underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence in the defence sector.


We are proud to have been selected as winners and look forward to further advancing these technologies in collaboration with defence stakeholders.